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District and School Report Cards

2012-2013 District and School Report Cards

School Report Card (SRC): The 2012-13 SRC has been released on the TEA website Schools are required to disseminate SRCs to parents or guardians within six weeks of receipt of the report card from TEA. They have been posted at the bottom of the webpage.  If you can not print your own copy of the SRC and would like to receive a printed version, please contact Patricia Cordoba at 903.381.2269.  

School Report Card — As required by statute, these report cards must be disseminated to the “parent, guardian, conservator, or other person having lawful control of each student at the campus.” Each campus in LISD dissiminated the School Report Card via the students.  
Definitions — Brief definitions of the items included in the SRC are provided below.  A Spanish translation of the Definitions is also available.

Contact Information
Questions regarding School Report Cards should be addressed to:
Latitia Wilson, Director Research Accountability and Planning
Longview ISD