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Accountability Rating System

Accountability Rating System
for Texas Public Schools and Districts

In 2009, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 3 mandating the creation of an entirely 
new accountability system focused on the achievement of postsecondary readiness for all Texas 
public school students. Texas Education Agency (TEA) has worked closely with public school 
personnel and others to develop an integrated accountability system based on the following goals 
and guiding principles.

Texas will be among the top ten states in postsecondary readiness by 2020, by:
  • Improving student achievement at all levels in the core subjects of the state curriculum,
  • Ensuring the progress of all students toward achieving advanced academic performance,
  • Closing advanced academic performance level gaps among groups,
  • Closing gaps among groups in the percentage of students graduating under the 
  • Recommended High School Program and Distinguished Achievement (Advanced) High School Program, and
  • Rewarding excellence based on other indicators in addition to state assessment results.

Student Performance
  • The system is designed to improve student performance.
  • The system focuses on preparing students from the elementary grades and higher for success after high school.
System Safeguards
  • The system uses safeguards to minimize unintended consequences.
Recognition of Diversity
  • The system is fair and addresses the diversity of student populations and educational settings.
Public Participation and Accessibility
  • The system’s development and implementation are informed by advice from Texas educators and the public.
  • The system is understandable and provides performance results that are relevant, meaningful, and easily accessible.
  • The system is part of an overall coordinated strategy for state and federal ratings, reporting, monitoring, and interventions.
Statutory Compliance
  • The system is designed to comply with statutory requirements.
Local Responsibility
  • Districts are responsible for submitting accurate data upon which ratings are based.
  • The system relies on local school districts to develop and implement local accountability systems that complement the state system.
Distinction Designations
  • Distinction designations are based on higher levels of student performance.
To achieve these goals, a three-tiered approach of assigning accountability ratings based on four 
performance indexes, awarding distinction designations, and applying system safeguards were 
implemented beginning with the 2013 accountability system. Accountability ratings are assigned 
to every district and campus in the Texas public education system each year. In 2014, the system 
assiged a rating label – Met Standard, Met Alternative Standard, or Improvement Required –
based on the evaluation of four performance indexes for Student Achievement, Student Progress, 
Closing Performance Gaps, and Postsecondary Readiness. 

The indexes include assessment results from the State of Texas Assessments of Academic 
Readiness (STAAR)  testing program, graduation rates, and rates of students achieving the  Recommended High School Program and Distinguished Achievement (Advanced) High School  Program. In addition to evaluating performance for all students, the performance of the  following individual groups of students are evaluated in the performance index framework - All  Students, African American, American Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, White, Two or  More Races, Students served by Special Education, Economically Disadvantaged, and English  Language Learners (ELLs).

Distinction designations were awarded to campuses based on campus performance compared  to a group of campuses of similar type, size, and student demographics. Distinctions  designations acknowledge that these campuses meet accountability standards and demonstrate  outstanding academic performance for indicators other than those used to determine  accountability ratings.

System safeguards are applied to ensure that performance on each subject, indicator, and student  group is addressed, and all state and federal accountability requirements are incorporated into the  accountability system.

Contact Information
Questions regarding Student Performance and Accountability should be addressed to:
Latitia Wilson, Director Research Accountability and Planning
Longview ISD